Intelligent Real Estate

When I first began my career in real estate and was trained on how things worked, I ended up looking around at a lot of real estate agents, and real estate companies as well, who all seemed to be doing a lot of things that were justified only by the fact those things were how real estate had always been done. And doing things only because that’s how it had always been done has never been good enough for me.
Given all the technology that is now available to us, not just in real estate but in society in general, I found myself searching for a more intelligent way to get things done.
First and foremost, the raison d’etre of the entire real estate industry is to assist in the facilitating of a goal, which in the case of a property owner would be to sell that property. But how could the best way to do that be using the same means used 30-40 years ago when so much has changed since then? Why would I assist a property owner in pricing their property based on an outdated pricing method? Why would I continue to ‘market’ a property in a non-interactive method such as print advertising, without the interactivity and consumer feedback now at our disposal?
My definition of ‘intelligent’ is really about technology—it’s simply about finding the most effective means by which to deliver the best vehicle for each consumer to reach his or her goal. The simple quest for those most effective means defines, then, a more intelligent way of conducting a real estate business and the journey on which we are about to embark to achieve your goal.


Market Intelligence: 

Consulting for pricing based on competitive positioning. Rather than establishing an appraisal-like valuation, a seller is able to better understand the current status of the market and the placement of the property to better enable a timely sale.


Intelligent Marketing:

Powerful online marketing, including virtual media, direct-response, social media, agent-to-agent, and buyer prospecting/matching systems. Focused on more intelligent interactive marketing than on outdated advertising.


Intelligent Communication:

Constant (weekly) communication between us, consistent market reporting of transactions (or lack thereof) your segment of the market, continuous feedback from showings.


Intelligent Transaction Management:

Online document management, continuous updates on the transaction process, and an automatic cancellation guarantee for your listing if my service isn't satisfactory before obtaining a contract.